Essential beauty of solid wood itself x High performance of compound flooring

A pure natural wood, “solid wood,” is processed into “sawed precious wood” with a saw to 2 mm thick to be used as a surface cosmetic material,
which is a new category of flooring materials, “cosmetic floor of solid wood ground plate.” created by Live Natural.

Natural wood compound flooring where the life of trees breathes.

Discovering of beautiful tree types suitable for flooring materials; stable procurement of environmentally conscious high-quality timbe; development of grain activation treatment and veneer design corresponding to each tree type; painting technology to keep its grain pure・・・. By adding hands of skilled craftsmen, you can enjoy the fresh wod texture and vivid wood grain created by nature.

Characteristics of tree
Acorn trees also called oak trees that have a magnificent tree shape with a strong life force, and nurture many living creatures. Oak trees have been respected in Europe since ancient Greek times, especially in the UK where it has been honored as “King of the Forest.” Materials with excellent strength and durability have been heavily used for architecture, furniture, and ship materials for a long time. It is still the wood material of choice for furniture in the UK. Also, it is widely used for barrels such as whiskey, brandy, and wine, because it has low liquid permeability and contains polyphenols such as tannins as an important flavor ingredient. For Live Natural materials, we use good materials selected from oak trees distributed worldwide in the 45 degree north latitude. Sapwood is pale yellow, heartwood is yellowish brown, colors of which increase in intensity as time passes. Oak is an annular pore material, in which a large duct is arranged along the annual ring. The wood grain of the bamboo shoot pattern appears strongly and clearly on the plate surface, and the radiating texture appears as horizontal striped spots (grain) on the straight grain surface. Among them, the figure called “silver grain (tiger spot)” is also synonymous with the character of the oak, as the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright of the former Imperium Hotel got prized as a furniture material.
Origin Russia, North America, Europe
Classification Temperate hardwood ・ fagaceae

Tree story

The tree the gods loved.

Oak known as an acorn tree is called “King of the Forest” in the UK, and has been used with love for architecture, furniture, and ship materials for a long time. Its magnificent tree shape with full of vitality gives a feeling of divineness.

It is quite understandable that it has been the object of reverence from the ancient Greek era and is also famous as the almighty god of Greek myth, Zeus’ s holy tree. Ad thus, in the main temple it is said to make the oracle by orchestrating the sound of the oak’s leaf deviation. A firm grain and a characteristic straight grain mottle as a flooring material makes the feel of presence and oozes the aura.