Essential beauty of solid wood itself x High performance of compound flooring

A pure natural wood, “solid wood,” is processed into “sawed precious wood” with a saw to 2 mm thick to be used as a surface cosmetic material,
which is a new category of flooring materials, “cosmetic floor of solid wood ground plate.” created by Live Natural.

Beech: List of products made from

Characteristics of tree
The beech is characterized by a pale brownish material color with a fine facial expression created by small spots called oak eyes (crimp). There is no clear heartwood (lean body) on the beech material, but there may be irregular parts called Brown’s False Heartwood (false heart) in the center part. In RUSTIC beech, it has become expressive design that changes the image of conventional beech materials by incorporating the False Heartwood part in a well-balanced manner.
Origin Europe
Classification Temperate hardwood ・ fagaceae

Tree story

Flooring under the rim.

In Northern Europe, the beech is being disgruntled as “servant” in contrast to the oak treated as the “king.” But that is not because of inferior quality. As oak grows in a place where sunlight hits well, there is a tendency to spread the branches of trees side by side, resulting in the decrease of areas for building materials.

So adjust sunlight by leaving a fast growing beech tree around the oak tree, trying to grow up the oak tree in search of sunlight. It may be more appropriate for the beech tree under the rim to support in the shade rather than the servants. A pale brownish material color and a fine-looking expression that forms a small spot called oak eyes (crimp). That sophisticated taste has a presence that is not a supporting role.