Natural wood compound flooring where the life of trees breathes.

Discovering of beautiful tree types suitable for flooring materials; stable procurement of environmentally conscious high-quality timbe; development of grain activation treatment and veneer design corresponding to each tree type; painting technology to keep its grain pure・・・. By adding hands of skilled craftsmen, you can enjoy the fresh wod texture and vivid wood grain created by nature.

Characteristics of tree
“Teak” is characterized that release individuality characterized by elegant colors and sometimes even heavy feeling. Teak possesses both beauty and durability, besides it is very stable material and has characteristics of almost no dimensional deviation. For that reason, it has been used as furniture since ancient times, as evidenced by the finding of teak furniture from remains of pyramids and ancient Babylonia. Teak has been regarded as the best material in history. Elegant gloss and beautiful wood grain, and a moist and touchy feel like pulling oil. It is also resistant to warping and cracking, and has characteristics of small deviation changes by heat. The core material is a warm brown color and the sapwood is yellowish white. Sometimes it has dark stripes. The wood texture is directing space as an elegant design in contemporary residences. It increases the feeling of depth to spend together. “Teak” makes you feel such a fine time.
Origin Southeast Asia
Classification Verbenaceae

Tree story

A nice tree has an elephant hole.

One of the world’s three largest precious trees, which was also used for the bridge and interior of the luxury liner Queen Elizabeth II. Although teaks with good quality are growing naturally in Myanmar, but it will take seven years to be delivered to our hands.

If good material is found in the production area, first bark the tree about 50 cm from the root up to the conduit, followed by killing the tree while standing, girdling, for 2 to 3 years to cut and bring trees to river by elephant. And trees are rafted in a river (raft), which is a reason for taking 3 to 4 years to port.

When carrying trees by elephants, the rope hole made in the log is called an elephant hall, indicating a symbol of good material. Cheek cherished carefully has an elegant and profound feeling, which is the reason of being said that it is a precious tree in a precious wood and is worthy of being called “jewelry tree.”