Natural wood compound flooring where the life of trees breathes.

Discovering of beautiful tree types suitable for flooring materials; stable procurement of environmentally conscious high-quality timbe; development of grain activation treatment and veneer design corresponding to each tree type; painting technology to keep its grain pure・・・. By adding hands of skilled craftsmen, you can enjoy the fresh wod texture and vivid wood grain created by nature.

Sapelli: List of products made from

Characteristics of tree
Smooth expression that appears in space that is the charm created by “Sapeli.” A high quality texture and distinctive reddish brown shades are widely used from interior such as furniture and musical instruments to exterior such as deck, directing high-class and unique taste. In addition, the appearance of the ribbon figure due to the reflection state of light is also a major feature, and carve a comfortable rhythm unique to nature into the space. The ordered stripe, referred as Bondage figure (Nawame moku) and Arrow feather figure (Yabane moku), appears when the material, in which grain rings intertwine and wood grain is interlaced, is grinded on a straight grain grain rings intertwine, and wood grain is interlaced wood grinding on a straight grain. Shiny luster with striped change, and the change in appearing along the figure show high value as a material that makes you feel unique personality. Sapwood is pale yellowish white, whereas heartwood is reddish brown. You can also enjoy aging changes, such as eventual color change over time to a deeply color.
Origin Central Africa
Classification Meliaceae

Tree story

Aesthetics of reversal.

The tree basically grows while twisting in clockwise or counterclockwise direction, but Sapeli, the same Maliaceae family (Sendan family) tree as mahogany, reverses periodically that is a factor for unique beauty. It is a phenomenon in which the forward and reverse grain appear alternatively as striped patterns depending on the reflection state of light. Although it is said to be intertwined grain, the shading is reversed depending on the angle of view, creating a beautiful look with fluctuations.

Whereabouts in the living room are almost decided, but sometimes, please sit in the opposite position as usual. If you invert your view, you may discover the new beauty of your house.