Natural wood compound flooring where the life of trees breathes.

Discovering of beautiful tree types suitable for flooring materials; stable procurement of environmentally conscious high-quality timbe; development of grain activation treatment and veneer design corresponding to each tree type; painting technology to keep its grain pure・・・. By adding hands of skilled craftsmen, you can enjoy the fresh wod texture and vivid wood grain created by nature.

Karin (Chinese quince): List of products made from

Characteristics of tree
An extremely wide range of color shade, such as from deep purple to red and even yellowish brown, is demonstrated. And a unique and variegated wood grain of “Karin” that makes the living person feel richness. Karin, which is also a national tree of the Philippines, is a tree species widely used as luxury timber. Because of popularity, it is called by many different names, such as Nara in the Philippines, Padouk in Myanmar, and New Guinea Rosewood in Papua New Guinea. Materials of Karin is extremely hard and dense. Due to its decorative nature and easy processing characteristics, it has been also used for long time for cabinet-work and alcove posts. In addition to manufacturing furniture, it is used for musical instruments such as the shamisen body. The heartwood has a wide range of shades, from yellow-brown to slightly violet reddish brown, whereas the sapwood is pale yellowish white. The color tone is rich in change, and it is often seen that it becomes a striped pattern. The individuality of each wood grain is gathered up as a wide floor surface and emerges as a big beauty. You can enjoy fully a beauty rich in change created by nature.
Origin Southeast Asia
Classification Leguminosae

Tree story

Asian beauty of color.

Karin is one of the precious woods representing Asia along with teak. From the name, this tree species with a feminine sound will deceive heart with beautiful color magic, even when it is processed from wood and is processed into the floor.

For example, when the surface of split-log is wet, it becomes beautiful reddish and it gives a sweet rose-like scent. Furthermore, when a split-chip is soaked into water, it will give a beautiful blue fluorescent color.

Colors of materials born through such a process vary from deep purple to red and yellow-brown. Harmonizing irregularities is tried by combining color characteristics of the material by a skilled craftsman. Please enjoy the beautiful space making created by the material used for traditional furniture because of its nobility and pomposity.