Personal information protection policy

AsahiWoodTech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Our company") is committed to properly protecting the information on individuals (hereinafter referred to as "customers") of all individuals including customers, business partners, and employees, We recognize that our company is responsible for protecting the personal information by practicing the set forth the personal information protection policy by all executives and employees.
  1. We shall comply with laws and norms regarding the handling of personal information.
  2. We shall prepare "Personal Information Protection Regulations" to educate all executives and employees for preventing unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information.
  3. When we collect personal information from customers etc., we shall clarify the purpose of the collection.
  4. We shall properly manage the personal information collected from customers, and not to use beyond purpose of use or to third parties as a general rule.
    (However, the followings are not the case: (1) in the case of the provisions of laws and ordinances; (2) in the case of necessary measures for protecting serious profits of the customer’s or the public’s life, health and property.)
  5. When outsourcing business related to personal information, we shall strictly investigate and select outsourcing parties and under the contract the partner shall bear the same responsibility as our company does.
  6. The personal contact counter shall handle accordingly within appropriate range customer's personal information inquiries; changes of the personal information including corrections and deletions.
  7. We shall continuously review the regulations related to the personal information protection and internal rules, including this policy.

AsahiWoodTec Co., Ltd.
President & CEO Tesuya Kaihori

Handling of personal information

  1. Compliance with the law and social order

    We shall comply with relevant laws, regulations and norms when we collect personal information from customers for business including data processing or when we ourselves acquire personal information.
  2. Definition of personal information

    Personal information is the information that can identify the following individuals.
    1. (1) The information that can identify a particular individual including name, address, date of birth, gender, occupation, phone number and e-mail address.
    2. (2) The information could easily identify a particular individuals by collating with other information, even if the information, which could not lead to specify an individual by itself.
  3. Acquiring personal information

    We shall not collect the personal information from customers without consent. If customers do not wish to provide personal information to us, you can refuse it. (Please understand that some services cannot be used if you do not provide the personal information to us.)
    Personal information that we obtain from customers
    1. (1) Personal information acquired by catalog request, website, showroom, exhibition, questionnaire, telephone, and e-mail.
    2. (2) Personal information necessary for the proposal, delivery, after-sales service, maintenance of various products handled by the company.
  4. Safe management of personal information

    We shall strictly manage and protect the personal information entrusted by customers and personal information acquired by our company. In order to protect the personal information against unauthorized access or loss, destruction, and tampering, leakage, we shall take reasonable safety measures based on internal regulations, and handle appropriately and promptly if anything should happen.
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  5. Purpose of using personal information

    We shall use the personal information for the following purposes in case of accepting the personal information handling work from customers or in case of acquiring the information by ourselves. In the event that it becomes necessary to use the personal information for other purposes, we shall notify the reasons of the use to customers by sending informative document, e-mails and fax in order to obtain the consent of use.
    When handling the information by the request from customers.
    1. (1) For printing and shipping of membership list.
    2. (2) For printing and shipping of items related to members including membership number, account number, contract details, and purchase history.
    3. (3) For sending the information on various campaign application-related work.
    4. (4) Management of the homepage and membership information.
    When acquiring the information by ourselves.
    1. (1)To respond to the inquiries regarding the activities of our company.
    2. (2)To ship various materials related to our company’s activity requested by customers.
    3. (3)To ship winning prizes to winners of customers our company’s prize offer and planned campaigns.
    4. (4)To conduct a questionnaire survey on our company and feedback to various services of our company.
    5. (5)To provide guidance / support information on various services of our company.
    6. (6)To confirm the payment method, the status of payment for use of the paid service operated by our company.
    In addition, when we change the purpose of use of the personal information in the case of acquiring the information by ourselves, we shall perform the changes within the permitted scope of reasonably identifiable correlation with the previous version of the purpose of use. We shall notify the changes of purpose of use to the customers and obtain the consent from the customers after the changes.
  6. Disclosure of the personal information to third parties

    As a general rule, we shall not disclose the personal information to third parties except in the cases listed in (1) to (8) below. If it becomes necessary to disclose the information to third parties other than these cases, we shall notify the customers by sending e-mail and fax to obtain consent.
    1. (1)In the case of entrusting the processing of the personal information to a contracted business alliance partner within a necessary range for achieving the purpose of use.
    2. (2)In the case of disclosing necessary information to the related business partners in order to respond to the contents inquired from the person himself / herself.
    3. (3)In the case of disclosing necessary information to related business partners in order to ship various materials requested by the principal.
    4. (4)In the case of disclosing necessary information to a gifts provider or a delivery company for the purpose of sending winning prizes or gifts of a prize plan.
    5. (5)In the case of disclosing necessary information to related business partners in order to provide various information including services and support provided by our company.
    6. (6)In the case of inquiring the information from related organizations to confirm the payment method or payment status of the paid service operated by the company.
    7. (7)In the case of disclosing the information in response to the official legal request from a public institution, such as a court or a police office.
    8. (8)In cases of inquiring the information to related organization in order to protect the life, body and property of customers and other person.
  7. Scope of application

    This principle applies to our personal information handling business. It does not apply to the handling of personal information other than business related to our company (websites of other people linked to our website).
  8. Personal information inquiries

    For inquiries about handling of the personal information by our company, the following department will handle as a representative window.
For inquiries:
AsahiWoodtech Co., Ltd. Management Department
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