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Procurement of wood materials for environment- and resident-conscious product development

We are a wood-based construction manufacturer. It is our mission to contribute to the achievement of environmental protection and comfortable living environment through manufacturing product. One example of concrete action is the following: production of "eco-floor" evolved from environment-conscious type in flagship flooring materials. Utilizing available technological capabilities, "sustainable wood (*)" delivered under the policy of promotion of procurement of environment- and community-conscious wood materials is used effectively to achieve flooring materials with superior design, health conscious and long comfortable use. Floor coverings manufactured by us has gradually evolved into eco-floor type, depending on the needs of our customers.
(*) sustainable wood materials:
・wood materials with forest certificate
・afforestation for environment protection and beneficial for local community
・domestic wood material
・engineered wood (MDF, particle wood)
・wood materials from the properly managed forest
*definition by Asahi WoodTec

Contribution to the forest preservation and conservation of biodiversity through the procurement of eco-friendly wood materials and providing products by taking full advantage of the power of wood material.

Wood is the main raw material for our products. We are asking whether cutting down trees is an environmental destruction. It is not true, since we are avoiding the cutting down trees in the virgin forest registered as World Heritage. Also, it is necessary to not to leave grown-up trees untouched, instead cut down trees as necessary and replant the amount of logging or re-growing naturally in order to preserve forest in healthy conditions. The forest preserved in healthy conditions is called “the forest managed properly.” All our wood materials procured worldwide are products from “the forest managed properly.” We have been actively using wooden board, such as MDF (Medium Density Firewood) and particle board, made of recycled wood materials produced from wood scraps during manufacturing processing at plants and from building demolition. We only procure wood materials good to use based on the judgment of cut or don’t cut in order to achieve the forest preservation and conservation of biodiversity through providing products by taking full advantages of the power of wood material.

Example: product using base wood materials with Forest Certificate

Live Natural Premium

Example: product using recycled wood materials

Live Natural e-core

Example: product using domestic wood materials

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