Policy of environment protection and quality assurance

We set our goal to live on wealth of the heart and eco-friendly through providing "Most valuable product" which can secure, reassure, and impress our customers in the way of familiarizing trees, utilizing wood and accumulated technology.
All of them are based on our corporate slogan of "大樹深根 tai ju sin kon", A great tree spreads roots strongly.

Action guidelines


Provide products to receive the reliability and satisfaction of the customers throughout every business-related action by a precise understanding of the customer's needs.


1. Product

Provide products that can contribute to reducing the amount of material of environmentally hazardous based on the life-cycle of products.

2. Wood material supply

Promote the wood material supply in considering environment effect through the cooperation with business clients in order to contribute to the maintenance of biodiversity of forest.

3. All activities

Promote energy-saving activities to contribute to the prevention of global warming. Tackle the reduction of waste and chemical discharge. Tackle the reduction of waste and chemical discharge. Tackle the prevention of air pollution and water contamination.

Common Issues

1. Legal compliance

Comply with legal restriction, ordinance and requirements for acceptance.

2. Education and training

Conduct education and training continuously to develop human resources.

3. Continuous improvement

Periodic review on management system for the improvement.

We pursue these action guidelines and aim to become a trusted company from the society.

Tetsuya Kaibori.
President, Asahi Woodtec Co., Ltd.