Efforts of all employees

All employees are working on environment-associated activities utilizing environment management system ISO14001

Approach to environment protection by all employees

We have been working on the reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emission according to the voluntary targets as well as in compliance with the environmental laws and regulations, all of which are applicable to AsahiWoodTech, by acquiring the environment managing system ISO14001 at all factories, development departments, head offices, and business offices except for local business offices.

Manufacturing Department Approach

The Manufacturing Department at AsahiWoodTech is the major energy consumption section, accounted for 90% of total. Therefore, it becomes important issue for monitoring business activities of the manufacturing department in order to reduce business-associated energy consumption; that is, the reduction of CO2 emission. At each manufacturing plant, we are working continuously on consuming energy more effectively by attempting improved productivity through product quality improvement, facility maintenance and business improvement. On the other hand, wood waste produced during the manufacturing process is used for fuel boiler to generate steam, which is then used for hot-pressing and drying furnace as a heat source. Also, wood scraps are used for a raw material for particleboard.

Conducting Environmental Education

It is essential to nurture individuals for engaging the improvement of environment on site in order to proceed effectively environmental education and activities for accomplishing the results. At AsahiWoodTech, the environment education has been conducted for members more than leader positions in the fall every year. We are also working on informing properly to customers when new products are released by the education of environment-conscious mind for employees as a part of new product education program.

ISO14001 certification status

Certificated range : Design, production and sales of wood interior material (flooring, ceiling, wall, stairs, cabinet and door) and installation material.

Offices acquired certificate
Production Department Manufacturing division, Tadaoka plant, Tadaoka 2nd plant, Technostage Izumi plant, Kishiwada plant, Construction of floor heating section, Yutaka plant, Asahi Meiboku
Design Department Research & Development department
Other Department Head office, Tokyo branch, Nagoya sales office