Contribution to timber procurement and forest conservation

Asahi WoodTech has been running business using wood materials as original resources. Since its inception the company has been receiving the blessing of the forest more than 60 years. On the other hand, many of forests are disappearing worldwide due to illegal deforestation and excessive development, resulting in serious destruction of the ecosystem and community livelihood. We would like to continue to succeed the blessing of the forest from now on. We will continue to inform the excellence of wood by utilizing wood material effectively, since wood is the only recyclable natural resources. As a concrete action that enable us to permit sustainable wood use we establish own guideline in order to procure wood materials in consideration of environment of the place of origin and local community with the cooperation of suppliers. In wood procurement, it is important to communicate directly with suppliers for sharing information. We are also visiting the place of origin to verify possible continuous supply.

Guideline for Wood Procurement

  1. 1. procurement of wood legality confirmed
  2. 2. actively procurement of sustainable wood materials shown below:
    • (1) wood materials with forest certificate
    • (2) plantation timber wood materials leading to environmental preservation and beneficial for local community
    • (3) domestic wood material
    • (4) engineered wood prepared from waste and end plate as a raw material
    • (5) wood materials produced from managed forest to exibit multifunctionality of the forest
    [Multifuntionality of the forest]
    Multiple functions including material production from forest and food; preservation of biodiversity; conservation of soils; recharge of water sources
  3. 3. We value the communication and share the information with suppliers, and on-site confirmation will be conducted as necessary.

Asahi WoodTec Company.Ltd.
President Tetsuya Kaibori.

Participation in afforestation business

As part of social contribution activities, we have been contributing to the development of local community from both sides of the environmental and economic aspects by participating in the plantation business in Sabah district in Malaysia to restore dilapidated farmland for creating jobs for local people.

Acacia Hybrid Plantation Field