Long-term safety feeling of floor heating

Flooring for floor heating which has been safe for a long time

Solid wood flooring was not suitable for floor heating. The width of trees is changed by the moisture content of trees affected by the heat, resulting in the formation of gaps, warpage, and cracks on the floor. Asahi WoodTech 's floor materials for heating floor clear these problems while using ground plate of solid wood for decorative surface. Please use it for floor heating with confidence.

Overcoming the fight with water which is the challenge of trees

Floor materials for floor heating of Asahi WoodTech, the severe moisture control, selection of materials, and crackling prevention treatment are integrated to provide dimensional stability that is resistant to the heat of the floor heating, making the suppression of behavior to 1/10 compared to that of solid wood. As a result, floor heating is possible to achieve with a 150 mm wide sheet which is impossible with solid wood flooring.
Shrinkage rate
  • *1: Solid wood
  • *2: Asahi WoodTech Floor materials for floor heating
Suppressed 1/10 of solid wood
(Note) Snce it is connected by the nail and the adhesive in the construction state, the behavior as much as above does not occur.

Clear strict standards by major city gas companies

Asahi WoodTech 's floor materials for heating floor is subjected to durability test under harsh conditions conducted in major gas companies to be certified as a floor heating finish material.

Floor for "Floor Heating" compatible equipment