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Essential beauty of solid wood itself x High performance of compound flooring

A pure natural wood, “solid wood,” is processed into “sawed precious wood” with a saw to 2 mm thick to be used as a surface cosmetic material,
which is a new category of flooring materials, “cosmetic floor of solid wood ground plate.” created by Live Natural.


Awarded “Good Design” in natural wood flooring design for the first time.

It is for the first time award for “Live Natural Premium” as the decorative compound flooring product of natural wood since the inception of “Good Design.”


“Live Natural Premium”is awarded “Kids Design Award.”

“Live Natural Premium” is awarded “Kids Design Award” under the category of “Future design sensibility ・ creativity of children.”

Live Natural Premium
’s Four features

  • 1. Excellency of wood materials

    “Precious Wood,” which has been examining and procured through the reliable discrimination eyes cultivated in 100 years since the inception of establishing this award, is used or the Live Natural premium surface cosmetic material. You can choose from 7 different charming tree types.

    2. Flexible floor heating compatibility(certified by a large city gas company)

    Gaps and cracks are commonly observed in sawn woods flooring during floor heating. The Live Natural Premium clears the durability test under harsh conditions at the facilities of major city gas companies, and can be used with confidence as it is since it is certified as a floor heating finish material.

  • 3. Compatibility of wood texture with maintainability

    Live Natural Premium is accomplished the compatibility of wood texture with maintainability by combining the feeling of the touch of precious wood (wood texture) with the durability against wear and stain of woods through applying “Natural Mat Painting.” It is a wax-free finish unnecessary for troublesome waxing as has been observed in a solid wood flooring.

    4. Environmentally-friendly “Eco floor”

    Sawn solid wood board part of Live Natural Premium has been using American broad-leaved oak trees from properly controlled natural regeneration forest and oak trees distributed worldwide around north latitude of 45°, whereas plywood for base has been used woods internationally certified “FCS certified wood material.” It is an environmentally friendly “eco floor”. In addition, we achieve the domestic highest level of indoor air environment-conscious performance.