Domestic timber panel taking full advantage of the texture of wood.

The texture of COOL JAPAN is realized by sensing through five senses the breath of trees, dynamic feeling of the life,
the warmth and beauty as well as touch and scent of natural materials.
The individuality of the trees and the sensitivity of the people living in resonate pleasantly,
of which will increase in depth with the passage of time. We deliver a rich living atmosphere through the flavor of trees.


Awarded “Good Design Award”

「“Good Design Award” is a general reward system organized by the foundation of Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization.
Received “Good Design Award 2010” and “Good Design Award 2011” for “Square type of cedar and cypress,” and “Border type of cedar,” respectively.



The “Wood Design Award” is a new award system for particularly good products that make possible to be rediscovered the goodness and value of trees evaluated by a consumer perspective.
The domestic timber design wall “COOL JAPAN” was awarded “Good Design Award 2015” in the Heartful Design Division / Building materials and parts division.

Characteristics of COOL JAPAN

1. Design

Create a long-term enjoyable space by taking advantage of the texture of wood.

COOL JAPAN creates an atmosphere where you can feel closer to natural materials. We prepare three types of “square type” with 450 mm module square,
“border type” with 3 m long which can change the impression of the whole wall, and “slim type” with 19.5 mm thickness from the wall base.
* The design variations of irregular processing will vary depending on the type.

You can enjoy the smooth texture unique to domestic materials under natural light in the daytime, because of tasteful irregular processing that makes use of the wood texture.

The shadow is highlighted through indirect lighting, which create a dynamic impression. You can make shadows emerging with indirect lighting and make it a dynamic impression. Please enjoy the expression woven by light and shadow.

Color change due to aging is unique to natural materials.

COOL JAPAN changes its color over time. This is also a proof of a natural material, demonstrating an enjoyable smooth texture of natural wood.

  • * Sunscreen treatment is applied to certain type of border and slim type.

Individuality of the trees carved one by one

Cedar and cypress are materials that express softness and healing of wood, and there are not the same character as any one such as node, wood grain, and color variation. Individuality that increases the depth of natural trees as they go through creates value of affection.

The “breathing” of the tree is the proof of natural wood.

COOL JAPAN is a solid wood. Dimensions of products will vary slightly due to the function of wood, which intakes and expel. In that case small cracks may occur.

  • * The color shade of the material changes with aging. You can enjoy the unique texture of natural materials.
  • * This product uses domestic timber (partially thinned wood utilized). There are clauses and entering skin, but there is no problem in quality.
  • * Solid wood may cause cracks and warpage.

2. Moisture-controlled construction materials

We will create comfortable living environment throughout the year
by the humidity control function of cedar and cypress.

With the skills craftsmen familiar with the qualities of the tree, we were able to maximize the humidity control function.
A comfortable space is created by the combination of the scent and texture touch of the wood.

(1) A thick design improves humidity control performance

Intracellular space and cell walls of cedars and cypress absorb moisture to reduce moisture changes in the room. Border type and square type are designed with thickness to maximize the humidity control function.

(2) Effluent on construction and original processing technology to absorb and release moisture efficiently.

By constructing a gap by floating from the wall, the moisture can be absorbed not only from surface and side but also from the back. Also, the border type is to put slits at intervals of 1.5 cm on the back side to enhance humidity control performance by expanding butt end surface area.

(3) Mechanism of humidity control of the tree itself

Wood is a porous material made up of fine cells, and has a function to gently absorb and release moisture according to the surrounding environment, and suppress the humidity change in the room. COOL JAPAN is a moisture conditioning building material that makes the best use of the properties of such wood.

(4) Joint width to maximize moisture control function.

By changing the orientation of the mounting block, it is possible to set two types of joint widths, 2 mm and 10 mm, for the border type. With a joint width of 10 mm, you can maximize the humidity control function.

Obtained the first “Moisture-controlled Construction Material Mark” as a wooden material.

Because the condensation and mold propagation are becoming problematic, the Japan Building Materials & Housing Equipment Industry Association is operating a system to display “Moisture-controlled Construction Material Certification Mark” on the product holding certain levels of performance after evaluating moisture-controlled materials objectively.
* Both square and border type have acquired this “Moisture-controlled Construction Material Certification Mark.

Various effects of scent components

The fragrance of cedar and cypress is derived from an essential oil ingredients called phytoncide. The use of cedar in sake barrel is providing not only for scent production but also for antiseptic effect by cedar phytoncide. Pinenes and terpenes of phytoncides in cypress has been said to have antibacterial and insecticidal effects.

3. Forest consideration

A country of trees, Japan. Use cedar and cypress as assets.

Japanese have been familiar with trees for a long time and have created wooden culture. Among them, Japanese cedar is an inherent species of Japan, and the scientific name “Cryptomeria japonica” means a “hidden Japanese assets.” Also, as cypress has the word “cypress stage”, it is known as the finest wood. AsahiWoodTech, as a manufacturer who received “grace of wood”, looked at the Japanese forest and developed “environmentally friendly humidity-conditioning building materials” that combine beauty and comfort. We would like to provide products utilizing domestic timber materials in order to protect the environment of Japan and the earth. That is our hope.

Utilize domestic timber materials to prevent global warming.

Planting new young trees with a capacity of large amount of CO2 absorption will help preventing global warming by utilizing matured trees as logs through planned thinning, logging and afforestation.

Participation in the “wood-use campaign” addressed by the Forestry Agency.

The Forestry Agency is trying to revitalize mountain villages through proactive use of domestic timber and to promote the creation of a healthy forest by absorbing a lot of CO2. Careful exercise logo mark is a proof mark attached to products demonstrating “environment contribution” using domestic timber.