Precious solid wood stairs (Standard stairs)

Coordinating materials for the flooring and the stairs with the same precious wood.

A luxurious staircase that is assembled with precious wood of the same quality as live natural premium to 35 mm thick. In order to have the same texture as the flooring material of a solid wood board, we stick to innocence and picked out quality materials without compromise. You can experience the rich feel of taste that continues from the floor of Live Natural Premium.
    • F☆☆☆☆: tread & riser plate


Black Cherry
Hard Maple
Black Walnut
Oak N-45°
  • Wide design realizing sophisticated design

    An assembled pitch of laminated stairs made of live-natural-premium is luxurious 40~45 mm, in contrast to a generally assembled pitch of approximately 30~35 mm. Also, in order to accomplish to create a sophisticated stair-design, a high-quality material for face layer is selected to make a two-layer structure.

    CornerR chamfering of treads

    Select either R10 mm or R20 mm for processing. *Additional cost required for processing.