Precious solid wood (see-through stairs)

Maintain a minimal beauty by scraping off the waste.

A sophisticated minimal design composing only of treads and stringers. Emphasizing the sharpness of materials by sticking thoroughly to the fineness and thinness of materials while ensuring the safety. The design provides neat spacious feeling. Also, various types of pre-cut materials makes easier for on-site construction.
    • F☆☆☆☆: tread


Black Cherry
Hard Maple
Black Walnut
Oak N-45°
  • Sophisticated sharp-designed materials

    In order to obtain a design of tread and stingers with sharp and thinness, metals for joint metal plates are thinned to the limit without being noticed. A nosing part of tread is cut inward to prevent the toes from getting caught. It gives a more refined impression in combination with an open handrail.

    Simplified construction using pre-cut materials

    Ensuring high precision and stable quality by using factory-processed pre-cut materials, which makes it possible to construct stairs in a simple and speedy way as if you were putting a ladder up against walls.