Veneer stairs

Natural wood veneer stairs emphasizing the beauty of the wood grain

We offer 16 types of flooring materials. You can enjoy a total coordination in combination with the same color, similar color or outstanding (opposite) color. We also line up of white sheet (special decorative sheet) for side plates and risers. Please use these materials in combination with the treads with various colors.
    • F☆☆☆☆: tread & riser plate


Live Natural : Sliced veneer with natural texture

Black Cherry: scrub pattern
Sycamore: scrub pattern
Black Walnut: scrub pattern
Black Walnut
for live natural plus: scrub pattern
Hard Maple: scrub pattern
Oak: scrub pattern
Birch: scrub pattern

AIRiS-α : Colored floor material

Pearl white: scrub pattern
Deep brown: scrub pattern
Innocent Beach : scrub pattern 
New saint maple : scrub pattern
New African cherry: scrub pattern
American Walnut : scrub pattern
Natural beige : scrub pattern
Casual yellow M : scrub pattern
Casual brown M: scrub pattern
Special dress sheet (white)

A variety of dressed wood parts for various types of design

lateral plate
top plate
riser plate
two-stage around plat
three-stage around plate
deformed four-stage around plate
five-stage around plate
landing plate