Handrail 350E series

A hallway / staircase from the entrance, a handrail that can be installed continuously in the house

It is a continuous handrail that connects gently and long from the room to the room, not just for the stairs, so it can be mounted in the house fro the entrance to the corridor, the staircase, the living room and the toilet. Because it is a wooden handrail, the touch feeling is outstanding. Also handrails indispensable for barrier-free housing. Considering the size of the human hand, all products are unified with a diameter of 35 mm that can be gripped firmly. l
    • antibacterial


Straight handrail : maple glued laminated materials

Clear finishing
Black Cherry color
Black Walnut color

Straight handrail : Southwood glued laminated materials

Pearl white
Deep brown
Innocent Beach
New Saint Maple
New African cherry
America Walnut
Natural beige M
Casual yellow M
Casual brown M

Endcap III

Maple lamina wood
Southwood lamina wood

Bracket for Handrail 350E Series

Shine series
Design series
Bracket III (amber/gold/silver)
Handrail metal joint fitting (amber/gold/silver)