Precious solid wood handrail (open staircase handrail)

Harmonized texture of wood and iron corresponding to various shapes of handrails

The materials make it possible to arrange flexible configuration of diverse shapes of stairs from the stairs to landing and hallway with unified feeling. Contrast of materials with precious wood and metal balusters create a beautiful accent to space.


Black Cherry
Hard Maple
Black Walnut
Oak N-45°
  • Enabling the combination of materials matching with various shapes of stairs

    A variety of combination of materials for various shapes of stairs, such as straight and L-type stairs, are possible to assemble. Establishing system for fitting shapes of each corner makes it possible to save construction time.

    A simple design sticking to the straight line

    Sticking to refreshing impression and detailed design of texture metal by combining wood balusters with metal balusters in order to emphasize the characteristics of each material.