Live Natural

Natural wood compound flooring where the life of trees breathes.

Discovering of beautiful tree types suitable for flooring materials; stable procurement of environmentally conscious high-quality timbe; development of grain activation treatment and veneer design corresponding to each tree type; painting technology to keep its grain pure・・・. By adding hands of skilled craftsmen, you can enjoy the fresh wod texture and vivid wood grain created by nature.

  • All woods have different texture, and thus they are beautiful.

    There are no wood materials with the same color and grain even from the same lumber. This is so called “harmonized beauty with uneven characteristics of woods” that is the proof of natural wood. That is why a superb balance of arrangement is required. Skilled craftsman survey thoroughly the shades of wood color, grain and wood character to design a best “uneven characteristics of woods” by combining pieces of these materials for giving a comfortable impression to customers. Please enjoy the beauty of wood with natural variations that cannot be created by machine.

  • Wood taste enhancement process: waking up original natural beauty.

    The natural inherent expression can be stood out by adding skills of human hands. The wood taste enhancement process is a most important technical point to bring out the unique rich texture of wood, which is expressed by each tree. It is our only processing technology including boiling and steaming for making veneer, technologies of which boost the wood grain more vividly and raise the color of the deep material. With its own expertise according to the tree species, we will wake up the qualities of trees from the inside and refine the beauty of wood.

  • Floor designed for enjoying the taste of aging changes.

    As the skin gets sunburned, wood also absorbs light such as sunlight, resulting in color changes specific to that species occur as time goes by. The calm and depth increases little by little in the living and the pleasure that brings out a distinctive texture is a value that can be tasted only with natural wood. Above all, black cherry shows a clear color change that is also one of the reasons for popularity.

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