Precious solid wood counter (standard product)

Versatile size variation: easy to use and select.

It is a precious solid wood counter of standard product that you can choose from easy to use dimensional variations and basic two types of processing shapes. Adopted a moist painted finish with full of luxury. Emphasizing the beauty of the material by suppressing gloss feeling. We also prepare manufacturing materials with the same precious trees.
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Black Cherry
Black Walnut
Hard Maple
Oak N-45°

Available for 2 types of processing shapes

One-side processing

2-side processing(L&R)

Two types of basic processing counters are available. We have a wide range of lineups ranging from 300 to 600 mm in width and from 1000 to 4150 mm in length.

Manufacturing materials

wood L angle

wood receiving crosspiece

wood legs

bracket (top & bottom set)