Precious solid wood counter (order product)

Respond to various requests of products with flexible size and shape.

We respond to customer ‘s request with desk of the study room, display shelf, kitchen counter, etc. according to the interior space of attention as well as a variety of shape pattern and finishing surface, which can be selected from 4 types. Combined parts such as wood L angle of standard product, wooden receiving crosspiece etc are also possible. A beautiful expression unique to precious solid wood enhances the quality of the space.
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Black Cherry
Black Walnut
Hard Maple
Oak N-45°

Counter shapes responding to various types of coordination

Counters of various shapes are available. You can choose according to the space and coordination such as tree species, size, processing.
In addition, construction materials of standard products can be combined.

4 shape types of side surface finish

S type
T type
R type
K type (no chamfer & paint finish)