Any phenomena due to characteristics of natural wood floor

Color changes and color fading

It is occasionally observed gradual color change and color fade of natural wood floor as a result of sunlight exposure and lighting during the use. Please use curtain to block sunlight as much as possible, since the color change and color fade of the floor surface is accelerated by the direct sunlight exposure.

In case that color change occurs

A clear trace with different floor color from surrounding areas appears after the removal of carpet and furniture. Keeping light exposure after the removal, the color will be gradually changed to settle with color of surrounding areas.

Space, warped board and push-up

A slight space between floor joints is formed as a result of floor shrinkage due to drying observed during winter time, whereas a floor push-up may occur during rainy season as a result of wood extension.

In case of air-conditioning use

Continuous use of air-conditioning heating for long time results in too drying the rooms, which may form space between floor joints and make cracks on the floor surface. Please keep appropriate humidity using a humidifier.

Floor noise

A noise is created when floor joints are deviated. It is an unavoidable phenomenon due to natural nature of wood floor with a self-moisture control function that is responsible for expansion and shrinkage of floor materials.

Insect damage

Phenomena including observing small holes on the floor and coming out of wood powder from the floor are considered insect damage. It is necessary for prompt response including injection of dedicated drugs. Although they are able to purchase at a home center, it is recommended to consult professionals.