Note on using floor heating device

Floor heating-compatible to severe conditions

AsahiWoodTech floor for floor heating is manufactured for heat-resistant with size-stability together with strict management of wood water content, material selection and cracking-resistant treatment. We hope that customers could use the product with confidence, since the product was certified as floor materials dedicated for floor heating after passing an endurance test conducted under severe conditions.

Cautions for floor heating use

Please handle with care, since heat source is integrated into the product.

In floor-heating floor, the hot water pipe or electric heating device is integrated in either inside of floor or under base wood.
Please do not hammer nails into floor!

This may lead water-leak due to broken hot water pipe and occur fire due to electricity short-circuit.

Please do not leave spray can and cigarette lighter on heating floor.

The spray can may burst as a result of increased inside pressure with heat from the floor.

Do not use for drying of clothes.

Please do not use other than heating purpose, including drying of clothes by putting them directly on the floor.

Do not lay carpet on the floor heating surface.

Leaving clothes on the floor result in damaging surface and cracking due to heat confinement.

Please do not put furniture on floor.

Distortion and deviation may occur by heat.

Be careful for “low temperature burn”!

While floor heating, a long-period contact with floor may result in the development of low temperature burn.