Point of care in daily life.

Not to produce scratch and dent

Intense force is applied by furniture and dragging chairs that produce scratch and dent on floor surface.
Chair on casters

Please try not to use chairs and furniture on casters. Please protect floor surface using chair mat and carpet.

Regular legs of chair and table on casters

Please protect floor surface by attaching felt to areas in contact.

Heavy furniture and electric appliance

Please try to disperse weight by laying floor plate under them.


Nails of pets hurt floor surface scratch.

Hard to occur cracking

Expansion and shrinkage of floor due to changes of humidity and temperature may result in cracking of surface of sawn board.
In case of warm air heater use

Please protect floor surface by laying carpet not exposing directly to warm air.

In case of electric carpet use

Please laying carpet between floor and electric carpet to reduce heat conduction

Avoid direct sunlight

Please try to block direct sunlight in curtain.

Not to make stains

Stain, color change and cracking are resulted from leaving floor surface wet for long time. Please wipe off immediately when spill water on the floor.
Kitchen and bathroom

Please protect areas by laying carpet where water might scatter.

Window and sweep window sash

Please be careful for blowing rain into the room. When floors are wet, wipe off immediately.


Moisture from condensation will adsorb into floor for long time, resulting in stain forming and floor waviness


Please use pot saucer for houseplants.

Color transfer from rubber

It is possible to color transfer and elution of ingredient from rubber materials including adhesive tape to fix carpet and doormat. Please avoid to use..

Hair dye and shoe polish

Stains of hair dye, perm solution and shoe polish cannot be removed. Please cover floors with vinyl sheet when use.

Various types of water-based medications and seasonings

When spill these solutions on the floor, please wipe off either with well squeezed dust-cloth or neutral detergent immersed dust cloth.

Animal excreta

Please wipe off immediately with well squeezed dust-cloth. Stain forming and contamination may occur if you leave them.

Marking pen ink and paints

Please wipe off as soon as possible with dust-cloth immersed with house detergent or alcohol and benzene.