Waxing unnecessary!

AsahiWoodTech floor materials are unnecessary for waxing, but it is possible to wax if you want.

Waxing is possible if you want.

When waxed, the floor surface is getting more gloss, a texture of which is different from the original material. Periodic waxing is necessary to keep waxed condition.

Before waxing
After waxing

Recommended wax

Manufacture name Product name Our target floor
Natural mat painting Pure hard coating Silex-α painting floor / seat floor
Rinrei Wax Co. Ltd. High-tech flooring coat
High-tech flooring coat matte 40
Konishi Co, Ltd. Wax craftsman
Penguin Co. Ltd. New coatac
Risdan chemical Co. Ltd. Natural look

Note:Do not use waxes, such as aqueous, emulsifiable, oil-based type. Be sure to use water-based resin wax for wooden flooring materials. When using water-based resin wax other than the above, please use trial paint on the inconspicuous part to check the unevenness painting or peeling off the painting. Moreover, there is a risk of becoming uneven depending on usage method and conditions.

Waxing efficacy

  1. 1) Protect the floor surface by wax coating in order to prevent attaching dust directly.
  2. 2) Fine scratches and stains become unnoticeable by waxing.
  3. 3) Increase the floor surface gloss by waxing when the surface color seems to be faded after long-term use.

* When waxing, please read thoroughly the instruction for use described in the wax to be used.

Paint for easy maintenance and enjoying good wood texture for long time.

Natural mat painting
The paint is intended to achieve both reflection of precious wood texture feeling, which has been difficult to accomplish in the past, and durability against wear and stain.

[Target Product]

  • Live Natural Premium
  • Live Natural Plus
Pure hard coating
The painting technology is intending not only to accomplish delicate and pure finish of floor materials, but also to provide scratch-resistant finish.

[Target Product]

  • Live Natural
Silex-α painting
Standard products with our own painting method are designed for durability including wear-resistant, antibacterial and stain-resistant, and easy-maintenance with wax-free.

[Target Product]

  • Live Natural
  • AIRiS-α

Stripping off floor wax

It is possible to strip off floor wax using wax-remover. Please read the instruction for use carefully and handle with great care, since it is possible to occur color change. Please wipe the surface with well squeezed wet dust-cloth after the use of wax-remover.
* Please do not use strong alkaline remover

Use of surface coating agent

It is unnecessary to use surface coating agent. If you wish to use, please consult a construction company to discuss for the use. (It is different from the original paint finish, since the floor surface is coated with the agent.)