Floor-dedicated cleaner is used for cleaning sebum.

Please try to use the following cleaner in case of stubborn sebum by regular maintenance approach.
Our other series floor products besides Live Natural Premium series can also use this cleaner.
Please read carefully “precautions for use” for each product before use.
Sebum are produced when hands and feet are touched to floors. Sebum secreted from the sebaceous gland makes sebum.

*When oil (sebum) stains are left without wiping off for long time, it acts like adhesive to catch dust and dirt to become tough stains. Therefore, it is recommended to clean floors periodically using cleaners.

Before the use
It is only applied un-waxed floor. When floors are waxed, cleaner use will remove wax to create uneven waxed surface.
① oil-stained floor: remove surface dust
② wipe off the floor surface with dust-cloth immersed with floor-dedicated detergent.
*please do not spray cleaners directly on floors.
③ Please wipe off more than twice with clean washed wet dust cloth to remove cleaner ingredients completely.
*Color change or losing luster of the floor may occur in case of remaining cleaner ingredients.
④ Please leave until the floor is completely dry.
*For tough stain, wipe off the floor with dust-cloth immersed with floor-dedicated cleaner and leave it for 5 minutes, followed by wiping off with well squeezed wet dust-cloth.