Daily maintenance

Daily cleaning

Remove any dust and dirt on the floor surface by vacuum cleaner, and then wipe the surface with dry cloth.

Any unremovable spots by this approach

Use wet cloth squeezed firmly to remove unremovable spots by dry cloth, followed by wiping surface again with dry cloth.

Squeeze wet cloth firmly and wipe the floor surface not to leave surface wet.

Remarks for maintenance tools

Chemically treated dust-cloth and mop

Do not use these tools for wet surface areas, before and after floor waxing. Please do not leave these tools on floor surface for long time, because of possible surface color change.

Flooring wiper

Dry type

White fibers are caught in the floor joint, and it might be noticeable.

Wet type

Please try not to leave detergent ingredient after the use. Please wipe off the remaining ingredient with well squeezed dust-cloth. Please do not leave chemically-treated dry-cloth on the floor surface for long time.

Steam cleaning machine

Please do not use a steam cleaning machine. This machine may cause push-up, swelling, cracking, mold development, color change and whitening of the floor.